Get A Beehive

One amazing way to help bees is to become an amateur beekeeper!

It’s easy to have a hive in your garden and the bees will help your local environment flourish. Bees are wonderful to watch and you can get your own honey! To get started you need to get a little equipment, which you can buy or build yourself.

Beekeeping practices vary – but it generally takes about an hour a week through the spring, summer and fall – and then almost nothing over the winter months. From one hive you can get between 20 to 50 pounds of honey. But this varies, depending on the weather. Having your very own honey to share with friends and family is an amazing treat. When you have a beehive – life is sweet!!

We recommend Organic, Biodynamic and Holistic beekeeping practices. If you are just starting out, our advice is DO NOT USE PESTICIDES OR ANTIBIOTICS ON YOUR BEES – even though some may recommend it.

For more information contact your nearest Beekeeping Association or follow these links:

BEEKEEPING NATURALLY – Fantastic advice from Organic Beekeeper Michael Bush.

ORGANIC BEEKEEPING GROUP – You can start discussions and search archived posts to answer all your questions.

Little Bee. Big Message.