Buy Organic

By far the most powerful way we can help the honeybee is by voting with our forks.

The decisions we make about what to eat and what not to eat can shape modern agriculture and bring us back into harmony with the natural systems of life. Buying organic fruits and vegetables brings health and vitality to the dinner tables.

To find great prices on organic food try your local farmers market. Community Supported Agriculture also offers the convenience of home delivered seasonal fresh produce at an amazingly low price! These locally grown foods are the freshest available and also reduce our carbon footprint.

These sites all have fantastic information about healthy food that helps you and the bees. Or you can do your own search – try using the Keywords – Local, Organic, CSA, Sustainable and your hometown!

ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION – their Organic Bytes newsletter is amazing!
LOCAL HARVEST – Find a Farmer’s Market, Family Farm, or CSA in your area.
ORGANIC STORE LOCATOR – Find an organic market near you.