Plant A Garden

Growing a garden is easy – you can do it! In addition to being a healthy nurturing pastime, gardening is a fantastic way to help honeybees and your neighborhood thrive.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits helps bees, the environment and puts yummy healthy food on your table. Nothing beats the taste of a home grown tomato, or carrot or apple. Planting a fruit tree suited to your climate can yield delicious apples, pears, oranges and other fruits year after year and for free!

Decorative flowers help bees too and brighten up your doorstep. Plant wildflower seeds in your garden, patio pots or window boxes and you will get some friendly fuzzy beautiful bees visiting them. Flowers provide essential nutrition for bees and add the beauty of the bloom to your world.

Community gardens provide a great way for folks to have a patch of their own to grow on, and lots of wonderful people with friendly advice.

Follow these links for more info or surf the web and find your own tips about gardening. Think Local!

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