Vanishing of the Bees DVD – $15

Raising awareness and offering solutions we can take part in every day, Vanishing of the Bees strengthens the movement to heal our planet for a healthier world. We want to encourage you to share the message of the bees with your friends, family and community. With future generations inheriting the planet, there may be no better message to benefit our children and grandchildren than this vital and inspiring documentary.

The documentary, presented in a special eco-friendly case, comes with special added features: an animated short film by our Lithuanian Animator Antanas Skukas, information on honeybee rescue, and a special vignette on beekeeping in France.

This DVD is for personal use only – not for public screening. If you plan on showing the film to an audience, please purchase a screening license. Like the bees we are using the honor system. Thanks!

Please allow five to ten business days for delivery.

* Please note that $20 will be added for shipping and handling for international orders. This cost covers postage, tracking and ensures delivery.

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